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Vacation and weekend rental outside major cities provide a temporary escape from the  stress of city life and allow for time spent in a setting different from their typical surroundings. These rentals often provide a base for relaxation and space for guests to separate themselves from their day to day life although are almost always confined to the perimeters of an average home or cabin. People are always looking for new and special experiences, ones that can tell a story and instill inspiration or simply provide a curated platform. 

In a competitive world, it is extremely difficult for artists and creative builders to make consistent money from their work. Often that work is bought for a one time fee and the artisan moves onto the next project without the ability for the work or themselves to learn and evolve.

Outland City will curate habitable sculptural spaces, each providing an extremely particular and unique experience that will be designed, built and maintained by different artists and teams who, upon the completion of their unit, become apart of the business by making a small percentage of the profits of their unit's rental. 

By building sculptures that guests will inhabit, rather than building sculptures out of existing spaces, we will be able to design a unique experience unlike any other and focus in on particular elements of experience, such as seclusion in nature, or engagement in creative endeavors or simply interpersonal reflection. By building fantastical spaces the hope is that they will host such an uncommon experience that guests will feel transported away from their average world and subsequently grounded them upon their departure.